How It Works

NeTV is a U.S.-based subscription video on demand service. Whether on your Smart/Roku TV or on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, NeTV has thousands of highly distinctive original movies, tv shows, documentaries, music videos and more from selected countries around the world, all in one place, for everyone to enjoy! Try for 30 Free and only $3.99 a month thereafter. users can cancel at anytime. No contracts.

We are offering global screening that promote and support filmmaker’s artists with their films and Music Videos to create positive change in the world. Our streaming service offers PPV option and monthly subscriptions based service to users to access thousands of high-quality Movies, shorts, series and music videos from 85+ countries, we welcome film festivals and the top film schools films as well.

You start by submitting your film or TV show to NeTV with your agency to meet our modest Submission Guidelines. Once your film is accepted and approved, it is immediately encoded and uploaded to our platform. From there, we do the rest…

All submissions immediately appear on our NeTV channel, available on the web, Mobile devices, AppleTV, RokuTV, Amazon FireTV and smart TVs, reaching hundreds of millions of potential viewers nationwide.

Monthly Reports, Payout

We track and report total views and revenue across all platforms on a monthly basis. Reports are sent via email around the 15th of the month for the prior month. We include monthly and year-to-date reporting, and we issue payments quarterly on or around Jan 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and Oct 15th. Payments are issued via paper check, PayPal or bank wire transfer. (There is a $25 fee for bank wires.)
Payout threshold is $30 U.S.

We’re non-exclusive.
You’re not locked in and are always free to explore additional outlets.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or call 323 471 5604 be sure to include your email when leaving a message.

How you earn money
NeTV pioneered a revenue sharing system called RPM or Revenue Per Minute which pays filmmakers for every minute their movie is watched.

Each quarter, we set aside 60% of NeTV’s net subscription and ppv revenue for filmmakers.The subscription revenue is divided by the total number of minutes watched across all NeTV apps, determines the per-minute valuation. Each filmmaker is then paid the per minute valuation for every minute their film has been watched provided a minimum threshold of $30 U.S. dollars is met each quarter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at or call 323 471 5604.

Simple Contract

Our Distribution Agreement is simple and straightforward. You grant us a non-exclusive license for one year to distribute your content via NeTV. You can cancel our agreement at any time.

How Do You Get Started?

You start by filling out our online Filmmakers Registration. All we need from you is some information about you, your movie, a trailer (for feature-length films), and upload the file (.mp4) or a link to download the film itself.